Modular co-simulation framework

To get started quickly, we recommend to run VILLAS in a small Kubernetes cluster.

You can run the full set of VILLASframework components pre-configured in a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm chart.



For small tests and beginners we recommend a local Minikube setup.

  1. Install Minikube
  2. Install Helm
  3. Start Minikube:
minikube start
  1. Enable the Ingress controller in your minikube cluster:
minikube addons enable ingress

Helm chart

To deloy the Helm chart you must first add the FEIN e.V. chart repository:

helm repo add fein
helm repo update

Create a minimal chart configuration file named values.yaml with the following contents: Please have a look at the charts default values for more details about the available configuration options.

username: admin
# please to change to a secure password
password: VillasTest1234
port: 8080
host: localhost
username: admin
password: vieQuoo2sieDahHee8ohM5aThaibiPei
erlangCookie: iKpbgHPsHAj8x58kzFWVT23xahSQ03Vw

Once the configuration file has been prepared, start the installation with the following command:

helm install -f values.yaml villas fein/villas

Access the application

  1. Keep the following command in a terminal running in a background terminal:
kubectl -n ingress-nginx port-forward svc/ingress-nginx-controller 8080:80

Once the installation has completed, you can visit the VILLASweb interface at the following address: http://localhost:8080/ Please use the username / password from above (admin / test) to login.