Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems, RWTH Aachen University

Research areas

  • Electrical grid dynamics
  • ICT for energy
  • FINESCE (Future Internet Technology for Smart Energy)
  • SCoOP (Test bed for cloud based Smart Energy Services)
  • FLEXMETER, ELSA (Energy Local Storage Advanced system)
  • COOPERaTE (Control and Optimization for Energy Positive Neighbourhoods)
  • IDE4L (Ideal Grid for All)
  • FEN (Flexible Electric Networks of the Future)
  • SUCCESS (Securing Critical Energy Infrastructures)

Key infrastructure

  • Real-time simulators for power systems (RTDS and OPAL-RT)
  • Real-time simulation of distributed system, used e.g. for simulation of wind farms (DSP Cluster)
  • Real-time simulation of multi-physic systems, use e.g. for integrated simulation of electrical and thermal system (PC cluster)
  • Power Hardware In the Loop interface, used for connection of real hardware (up to 25 kVA) in the control loop (Flexible Power Simulator FlePS)
  • Open Stack installation for Cloud Applications

Contributions to the project

  • Develop VILLAS prototype architecture linking three laboratories
  • Develop web-based interface for visualization and user interaction for VILLAS prototype and coordinate its demonstration
  • Offer infrastructure capable of real-time simulation of power systems
  • Support other institutes with experience on cloud-based applications and development of the required VILLAS interface for their laboratories or databases for integration into the overall VILLAS interconnected facilities
  • Drive project acquisition for VILLAS phase 2 allowing for a large-scale implementation of the VILLAS concept
  • Coordinate VILLAS infrastructure specification (including specification of the use-cases)
  • Develop information material and website
  • Coordinate preparation of the project report