Center for Wind Power Drives, RWTH Aachen University

Key areas of expertise/research

  • Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) system analysis and design within simulation and testing

Sample Projects

  • Gondel (design & operating a research WTG on 4 MW system test bench, measurements and tool validation)
  • Rapid Wind (6 MW WTG with multiple high speed generators)
  • Hydrola

Key infrastructure/tools

  • 4 MW system test bench with
    • 4 MW PM DD prime mover
    • Wind load application system
    • 22 MVA grid emulation system
    • Hardware in the Loop control system for rotor system emulation

Contributions to VILLAS project

  • Develop the software link between E.On RTDS grid emulation system on software level & 22 MVW grid emulation on hardware level at CWD