Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate, RWTH Aachen University

Key areas of expertise

  • Hardware in the Loop for building energy systems
  • Modeling and Simulation of building energy systems and city quarters
  • Dynamic Testing methods for heat pump systems
  • Development of Energy Management using HiL (PV-KWK)
  • Development of advanced heat pump control using HiL (MOSKWA)
  • Test bed for cloud based Smart Energy Services (SCoOP)
  • Future Internet Technology for Smart Energy (FINESCE)

Key infrastructure/tools

  • Simulation of building energy systems, building physics and thermal grids in city quarters (Dymola/Modelica)
  • 2 Hardware in the Loop test benches for building energy systems (including hydraulic test bench and climate chamber)
  • Hardware in the Loop test bench for heat distribution systems and their control on room level

Contributions to VILLAS project

  • Phase I
    • Requirements for Hardware in the Loop of thermal/hydraulic systems
    • Coupling of real-time simulations and test benches via SQL data base
  • Phase II
    • Real-time simulation of buildings and/or city quarters
    • Coupling with real building infrastructure (J├╝lich SDE House, E.ON ERC main building)