Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, RWTH Aachen University

Key areas of expertise

  • Energy Storage Technologies
  • Power Electronics
  • Modular Multimegawatt Multitechnology Medium Voltage Battery (M5Bat)
  • Econnect Germany (PV home storage with variable operating strategies)
  • Monitoring of PV home storage systems in field operation (WMEP)
  • Gewerblich operierende Elektrokleinflotten (GoELK)
  • Flexible Electric Networks of the Future (FEN)
  • Micro grid with high share of renewable generation + storage (TILOS)
  • Nutzen von PV-Heimspeichern für Betreiber und Netz (PV-Nutzen)

Key infrastructure/tools

  • 5 MW / 5 MWh Grid Connected Energy Storage System
  • PV Home Storage Systems from various manufacturers
  • Test bench for PV Home Storage Systems including PV and load simulation
  • Containerized Test-Center equipped with multiple Test-Benches for Battery-Cells and Battery-Packs
  • Post mortem laboratory for characterization of battery degradation
  • Modular simulation toolbox for power flow simulation of different power supply systems including generation and storage
  • Electric vehicles of various manufacturers
  • Wall-box
  • Bi-directional charger for electric vehicles (under development)

Contributions to VILLAS project

  • Provide experience regarding grid-connected storage systems
  • Provide infrastructure to be integrated into VILLAS prototype
    • PV Home Storage System as one Demonstrator of the Villas Project
    • Test bench for PV home storage systems
    • Wall-box
    • Bi-directional charger for electric vehicles
    • Electric vehicles
  • Use existing model toolbox as a basis for power flow simulations of various energy systems including generation and storage systems
  • Define test cases and perform tests at the villas prototype
  • Acquire partners to attach their infrastructure to the VILLAS environment