Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems, RWTH Aachen University

Key areas of expertise

  • Power-electronics devices
  • Power-electronic converters and electrical drives for high-power applications
  • MVDC Collector Grid for Offshore Wind Farms
  • Medium-Frequency High-Power DC-DC Converter
  • Flexible Electrical Network (FEN)
  • FVA-Nacelle

Key infrastructure/tools

  • Facilites for power-electronic devices:
    • Clean room
    • Test-bench for characterization of power-electronics devices under normal and severe stress conditions
  • 5 MW medium-voltage high-speed laboratory:
    • Testing power-electronic converters and electrical drives up to 3.3 kV (ac), 5 kV (dc) and 15.000 rpm
  • 5 MW medium-voltage dc-dc converter
  • System-level wind-turbine test bench at the Center for Wind Power Drives

Contributions to VILLAS project

  • Modelling of power-electronic converters for off-line and real-time simulation
  • Developing and implementation of the control algorithm for the power-electronic converters considered in the VILLAS structure
  • Development of the interface between the converter controller and the real-time simulation platform
  • Analysis of the power-electronic converters behavior in the system