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VILLASnode comes with a couple of tools to test and debug connectivity and configurations.


All VILLASnode tools are available as sub-commands to the villas wrapper:

Usage: villas [TOOL]
TOOL is one of api|conf2json|convert|ctl|cumulative-dist|extract-rtt|file-filter|file-merge|graph|hook|node|pipe|relay|shmem|signal|test-cmp|test-config|test-rtt|zmq-keygen

For detailed documentation, please see: 'villas node'

13:24:11 info node: This is VILLASnode v0.11.0-5c666fb-debug (built on Feb 23 2021, 02:34:46)
13:24:11 info signals: Initialize subsystem
v0.11.0-5c666fb-debug (built on Feb 23 2021 02:34:46)
Copyright 2014-2017, Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems, EONERC
Steffen Vogel <>