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In addition to the supported node-types, VILLASnode comes with examples for third-party applications and model blocks. These clients usually use the socket node-type to exchange data with a VILLASnode instance via UDP packets. For details about the UDP packet format, checkout the respective format docs.

  • MATLAB: Simple MATLAB code for exchanging signals via UDP sockets between MATLAB and VILLASnode.

  • OPAL-RT Hypersim: A user code model for OPAL-RTs HYPERSIM digital real-time simulator using UDP sockets for interfacing to VILLASnode.

  • OPAL-RT AsyncIP: Contains the implementation of an asynchronous process block for RT-LAB.

  • Python: A simple python client application communicating via local Unix sockets and Protobuf encoding

  • NI LabVIEW: This example model is using LabView standard UDP blocks to exchange sample values with VILLASnode via UDP packets.

  • RTDS GTNET-SKT: Several example RSCAD drafts showing how to use GTSYNC and GTNET-SKT together with VILLASnode.

  • RTDS GTFPGA: An alternative to GTNET cards for interfacing RTDS via UDP.

  • DPsim: VILLAsnode can communicate via the shmem node-type with the dynamic phasor solver (DPsim) of the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems. Please contact Markus Mirz for details.